How To Become a More Reflective Teacher by Tanya Bailey
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How To Become a More Reflective Teacher

Are you the kind of teacher who is always looking forward to see how to improve your teaching craft?

Are you the kind of teacher who wants to keep learning and implementing new strategies that will directly impact your students?

Are you the kind of teacher who is wondering where your path as an educator is taking you?

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What Being More Reflective Will Do

Impact Your Students

When you make the decision to become more reflective, you will discover new ways to improve your teaching practices which will directly impact your students.  As you look through your day's work you will discover the needs of your students while creating a plan for your own professional development.  You will engage in learning and take steps to meet the needs of your students while gaining new knowledge about yourself as a professional educator.
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Guide Your Self-Care

When you take the leap to become more reflective about your professional self, you will be engaging in a self-care strategy.  Looking back at each day to be more reflective will take you on a professional journey to become the best teacher you can be.  As you begin your reflective journey, you will add a simple self-care strategy to your daily routine.  You will look back at each day to determine your successes and areas you could improve and you will reward yourself.
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A Self-Guided Reflective Teacher Journey

The Reflective Teacher is a self-guided journey to help facilitate developing your own Reflective Teacher routine.  The included materials are there to guide you in creating a more reflective teacher path.
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Start Your Reflective Teacher Journey

Reflection and growth starts with understanding your daily experiences, so you can focus on where you want to grow.  

Setting goals and reflecting daily will drive you to form a vision of the kind of educator you want to become.  

When you give yourself 10 minutes a day to look at yourself through an open and honest lens, think of it as a self-care strategy.  

It helps to get all of your thoughts out of your head and written down.  It makes them real!  

So, be true to yourself!  This is about YOU and YOUR professional growth.
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What's included?


Getting Set To Start Your Reflective Journey
The Reflective Teacher Introduction
3 mins
Reflective Teacher Think Sheets
312 KB
Start the Journey.pdf
137 KB
The Reflective Teacher Journey Introduction Slide Deck
573 KB
Creating A Vision of Your Teacher Self
Create Your Vision
3 mins
Creating Your Vision Workbook.pdf
129 KB
The Reflective Teacher Professional Goals Slide Deck
472 KB
Creating Your DAILY Reflection Routine
Create Your Daily Reflection Routine
2 mins
Create A Daily Reflective Routine Workbook.pdf
347 KB
The Reflective Teacher Daily Reflections Slide Deck
1.27 MB
Creating Your MONTHLY Reflection Routine
Create a Monthly Reflective Routine
2 mins
Create A Monthly Reflective Routine Workbook.pdf
224 KB
The Reflective Teacher Monthly Reflections Slide Deck
1.05 MB

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