Mentor Text Considerations Tool by Tanya Bailey

Mentor Text Considerations Tool

When looking for mentor texts to use within Reading minilessons there are several things to consider.

Use The Mentor Text Considerations Tool To Organize Your Teaching Points

Sometimes a book offers unique opportunities to teach a variety of teaching points throughout the school year.  You could revisit the text at different times and use the mentor text to model, demonstrate or illustrate a particular strategy or skill.  

Print this tool to jot down all of your thoughts for each teaching point and collect those in your lesson planning materials.

Mentor Text Consideration Tool

When looking for mentor texts to use within Reading minilessons there are several things to consider...
  • How do you use a mentor text?
  • When do I teach from a mentor text?
  • How can I revisit a mentor text in a minilesson?
  • What do I need readers to gain?
  • Does this text support what my readers need?
  • What part of the text will I use?
  • How will I use the text to teach the strategy or skill?
  • How will I engage my readers in the text use?
  • How will my readers be able to access the text after the lesson for reference?
  • Will there be other mentor texts to illustrate the same strategy or skill?

Use this planning tool to make sure you don't miss a thing when planning how to use a mentor text within your instruction.

Use This Tool As A Guide

Put this little guide in your lesson planning tools as a reminder of the questions you need to consider when planning to use a text within your reading lessons.

What's included?

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A little about Tanya

Tanya has been in education for over 25 years.  She has been an elementary classroom teacher, a mentor to brand new teachers, a literacy consultant, a reading interventionist, a reading coach and curriculum facilitator.  Throughout her career, she has worked in a Texas classroom but has served several school districts in different capacities across the Southern United States.  Literacy Treasures inspires teachers one resource at a time so you can work smarter not harder!