Literacy Treasures FREE Resource Library by Tanya Bailey

Literacy Treasures FREE Resource Library

This FREE Resource Library is where you will find the resources I have shared with Literacy Treasures subscribers over the years.  These resources will help you organize and plan your literacy instruction, as well as, informal assessments.  New resources will be added as they are created.

What's included?

5 Steps to Crafting Minilessons That Will Ignite & Engage Your Readers

This mini course leads you through the process I used for over 20 yrs that sparked my readers to actively engage during independent reading.

Evaluating Student Reading Artifacts To Show Growth

Use this cheat sheet to evaluate your readers' artifacts to show reading progress.

Exit Tickets -- A Cheat Sheet for Analyzing & Assessing Student Exit Slips

There is so much value in using Exit Tickets EVERY DAY!  A quick evaluation of the short student responses can give you SO MUCH information.

Intentional Read Aloud Planning Infographic

Tips for planning intentional read alouds.

Mapping Out A Schedule For Small Groups & Individual Conferences

Map out a schedule for your small group meetings and individual reading conferences.

Readers' Notebook Tab Dividers

Use these tab dividers to organize your Readers' Notebooks.  Provide sections for different types of reading work.

Text Dependent Analysis: Building Stop and Jots to Write Analytical Reading Responses

Take a look at how to build stop and jots into written analytical reading responses.  Grab this to keep in your planning tools.

Two Word Strategy Activity Page

Use this Two Word Strategy Tool to elevate your learners' thinking.

Using Mentor Texts in Reading

Build a library of mentor texts for your reading instruction.  Use this tool to create an index of possible teaching points.


WORDO grid to use when reviewing word wall words.   

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