Building Readers Toolkit for Progress Monitoring by Tanya Bailey

Building Readers Toolkit for Progress Monitoring

These easy-to-use tools and resources will assist in tracking your readers'  progress.  

There are forms for teachers to informally track student progress and other forms for readers to track their own progress.  

Teachers will be able to determine next steps based on data collected.  

Students will be able to set reasonable goals based on their own progress monitoring.

Students Track Their Own Progress

Students can track their own progress and reflect to create their own reading goals.

Getting to Know Your Readers

Get to know your readers.  Let your readers discover and uncover the kinds of readers they are.

Reflections & Goals

Provide opportunities throughout the year for your readers to reflect on their own reading work.

Gathering Data to Inform Instruction

Easy to use tools that will help you create a snapshot of your group of readers that will inform your instruction.

Conferring With Readers

Easy to use forms for tracking and documenting conferring conversations with your readers (and writers)

Informal Running Records & Comprehension Check

Use this tool to quickly gather running record data and perform a quick little comprehension check that will inform your next steps with your readers.

Stop & Jot Assessment Tool

Let your readers know what you are looking for when they stop to jot about text.  Quickly assess a group of jots to inform your next steps for reading instruction.

Written Reading Responses

When students know what is expected of them in a written reading response, they will be better equipped to compose a quality reading response.

Discussion Rubric

Readers need to know what is expected during book talk.  Provide readers with a discussion rubric and talking stems.

Reading Engagement

Take time to observe your readers to see and understand how they engage during independent reading.

Using Exit Tickets to Check In & Follow Up

Using a variety of exit tickets will give students with different learning styles opportunities to share their learning in a variety of ways.

Looking for more info?

Check out the short animation videos below for more specific info about each progress monitoring tool included in this toolkit.  Just click the pink download button for each.

What's included?

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Literacy Portfolio & Progress Monitoring CHEAT SHEETS
What is a Literacy Portfolio.JPG
379 KB
Evaluating Reading Artifacts for Student Growth Possibilities.JPG
649 KB
Exit Tickets to Inform Instruction.JPG
625 KB
Conferring Note Forms for Readers & Writers
Conferring Notes.JPG
183 KB
Anecdotal Conferring Notes PDF download
1.68 MB
Data Reflection & Analysis Forms for Teachers & Students
Data Wall Reflection & Analysis PREVIEW
1 min
Data Wall Reflection & Analysis PDF download
4.47 MB
Discussion Rubrics & Note-Taking Guides
Discussion Rubric PREVIEW.mp4
1 min
Discussion Rubric Reader's Notebook example
1.1 MB
Small Group Discussion Notetaking Guide example
1020 KB
Discussion Rubric and Notetaking PDF download
1.9 MB
Engagement Inventory Forms
Engagement Inventories PREVIEW.mp4
1 min
Engagement Inventories PDF download
1.77 MB
Informal Running Record & Comprehension Tracking Form
Informal Running Record & Comprehension Tracking Form PREVIEW
1 min
Informal Running Record & Comprehension Tracking Form PDF download
809 KB
Reading Inventory & Student Reflections
Reading Inventory Beginning of the Year.JPG
134 KB
Reading Reflection Middle of Year & End of Year.JPG
146 KB
Reading Inventory & Student Reading Reflections PDF download
661 KB
Reading Inventory & Student Reading Reflections digital file
488 KB
Stop & Jot Assessment Tool
Stop and Jot Assessment Tool PREVIEW
1 min
Stop and Jot Assessment Tool PDF download
1.43 MB
Assessing Written Reading Response Writing
Written Reading Responses Rubrics PREVIEW
1 min
Written Reading Responses Rubrics PDF download
1.08 MB
Instagram Template for Exit Tickets
Instagram Exit Ticket PREVIEW
1 min
Instagram Exit Tickets PDF download
984 KB
Text Message Template for Exit Tickets
Text Message Exit Ticket Template PREVIEW
1 min
Text Message Exit Tickets PDF full download
1.35 MB
Text Message Exit Ticket blank PDF for digital use
907 KB
Text Message Exit Ticket with prompt PDF for digital use
165 KB

A little about Tanya

Tanya has been in education for over 25 years.  She has been an elementary classroom teacher, a mentor to brand new teachers, a literacy consultant, a reading interventionist, a reading coach and curriculum facilitator.  Throughout her career, she has worked in a Texas classroom but has served several school districts in different capacities across the Southern United States.  Literacy Treasures inspires teachers one resource at a time so you can work smarter not harder!